Pet Loss

What happens if your beloved friend does not return?  When do you stop looking? What is next?  I have some suggestions below for a ritual I performed when I was uncertain and I will share it with you. Then there are some offerings for Grief Counseling. I also list books and flower essences to help us through the grieving and letting go process if that becomes necessary.

Animals are unlike most of our human friends in that they love us freely without conditions. It is a rare experience for many and so their loss can bring up deep feelings and emotions. This site is not created to help deal with these issues and I can provide GUIDANCE on where you might find the help you need.

Lost Animal Ritual by Morgine I have had a few lost animals in my life and there came a time I wondered if I should stop searching? I created a ritual and you can adopt it to any personal spiritual belief system to you desire. Here is what I did.

I lit a candle each night and said a prayer. “Dear God and All of Creation, please give me a really Big NEON sign if it is time to stop looking for my cat Jazz and visualizing him home. I know you communicate with me a lot and sometimes I miss your messages. So right now, I would appreciate a Sign I will not miss. Something really Obvious! Thank you so so much! I will continue to imagine him home, unless I receive a Big Sign from you to stop.

One time the next day I received a UPS package I was not expecting from a woman I had helped when her dog had died three months earlier! I read the note. “Dear Morgine, Thank you so much for helping me when my dog passed on. I moved and lost your address and finally found it again! Here is the bag of clay hearts I promised you! It was interesting when I picked one out as he died and I included it in the card”.  The heart said “white light” across it. I held the heart and cried and knew my cat was not coming home. Other people have heard a song on the radio, read a bumper sticker or a billboard or someone said something to them. We all receive messages differently.  If you trust, however, you will usually receive a sign of some kind.

Grief Counseling Teresa Wagner is a close friend and one of the best people for counseling people and their animals in this arena.  Her website is

One of the most complete pages on Grief is Kat Berard’s page complete with books, support groups, flower essences and more! Teaching Kids How to Say Goodbye to Their Pets Grief Counseling

Resource for several kinds of grief:

And the second guide––A Parents’ Guide to Suicide Prevention––is one you may have seen before, but in light of recent events I thought it would be highly beneficial to share again. Please see it here:

Other Books Friends have recommended:

Animals And The Afterlife by Kim Sheridan Animals As Teachers & Healers by Susan Chernak McElroy especially good for grieving humans, can help with seeing a higher purpose to their animal companions role in their life Animals In Spirit by Penelope Smith Bach Flower Essences for the Family published by the Bach Flower Essence Co. Deathing: An Intelligent Alternative for the Final Moments of Life by Anya Foos-Graber Goodbye Friend by Gary Kowalski Legacies of Love  A Gentle Guide to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One (2 tapes) by Teresa L. Wagner  (800-356-9315) (book on audio tape – for grieving an animal’s death) My Personal Pet Remembrance Journal by Enid Samuel Traisman and Herbert Nieburg My Pet Died by Rachel Biale (good for children) Pet Loss – A Spiritual Guide by Julia Harris Saying Goodbye To The Pet You Love – Lorri A. Greene, Ph.D. Jackquelyn Landis

On Line Support Websites: