Finding Your Animal Friend

LOST ANIMALS Find Out: Why they might be gone. What not to do. What can be the most helpful things to do.

Lost Animal work is about the most difficult consultations we do as animal communicators. For most of our clients, their animal friends are like their children. Yet when I contacted almost 100 communicators, I found less than 20 willing to be put onto a list, when I first began to make one.  I also include links to other sites filled with more valuable information about this subject. Kat Berard has one of the best and it can be found at

We all would like you to have your animal friend back living with you again as soon as possible.  We have our own, and some of us have had them lost, as I have.  I would like to explain why it is difficult to do these sessions, from “my personal” point of view of course.
Please understand I am telling this from my “own experiences” and others may have entirely different ones, which I completely honor as well. I never claim my experiences are the “only Truth!”

Why do communicators receive different information?  Then I will freely share the information I give my own clients and which I feel, often creates the greatest successes.  I hope I can bring you success or more peace of mind as to the endless “whys” of the situation. I have been on my own spiritual path to living as love and being authentic for about 20 years or more.  In all that time, I have come to believe there are no accidents, or coincidences.  Things happen for a reason and sometimes I do not understand things until days, months, or even years later.  I have journaled for countless hours to awaken to the wisdom behind a car accident, an injury, an illness, or a partner stepping away from a loving relationship.  Usually each time, when I go deeply inside, the answers come.  Today there are dozens of books which state the same exact thing and how there is a divine connection between us all, and the situations we co-create and experience together.

The Challenges

With that in mind, there is no “accident” your animal is missing in your life. Animals are so loving, they are often perfect mirrors for what is going on in our lives.  They mirror our fears, our stress, our illnesses and also our love and joy and peace as well.  So there are many reasons they could be gone from your life, and not just simply because they escaped from your house or yard, were taken, wandered away, or were chased. They might be mirroring your own life.  Are you feeling lost, unsure of what way to go next? Have you lost your focus?

Animals might also have their own personal reasons.  We forget animals are Unique Beings too, with their own feelings, issues, experiences.  Sometimes they are upset about something, or just merely need some time alone.  Other times they are ill and want to be alone, or they go off to die, as they would if they lived in nature.  In some instances, they have been guided to go help some other person they might have had a relationship with before.  When we take time to see them as the loving unique Beings they truly are, instead of something we “own” and want to “control”, then we can open more deeply to other possibilities which might exist.

These are some of the very reasons lost animal cases are so difficult to work with.  As an animal communicator, I am not aware of all these other factors which are involved.  I do not know you personally and exactly what is going on in your life.  Is this experience a reflection or mirror of something else going on?  If the animal needs time alone, is called to help someone, is sick and wants to die alone, I may not be able to get an accurate reading.  All of this can make it a more complicated event.

The other thing you need to factor in is how I connect with the animal itself.  When I tune into an animal, I can connect at many levels.  Usually I am connected with the basic physical level Being as I am you.  I can also be connected with just a mental part, the emotional level, at the spiritual level, because these all do exist as well.  I can communicate with an animal when it is dreaming, and in a few cases, I may actually  be connecting to the dream itself!  If an animal is actually afraid, then what I pick up may vary from moment to moment, depending on what they are imagining or worrying about. Animals experience things a little differently than we do.  They live in the moment. They do not say things like ..” I am 3 miles NW of the house and I am in front of a three story brick house with a white picket fence and a blue Chevy in the driveway.”  Once in a while a communicator might see though their eyes, and this is not something we are all good at .  This is a gift.  It is also a gift to be able to feel or see which direction they might be, or some people can Map Dowse in an attempt to find a location. Put simply, this is Not rocket science!  We can only do our best.

I was in the presence once of several excellent map dowsing people, all being tested with some actual cases which had already occurred with lost people, and we had to locate where the bodies had been found.  Out of 10 people, there were only 10 percent correct answers! I remind my clients we are all unique individuals.  Just like every leaf on a tree, every tree, flower, insect, animal, snowflake, there are no two exactly alike!  If you put 100 people in a room together and asked them 20 identical questions about the best movie, the best book, most nutritious foods, favorite music…., no one would have identical lists.  We each have our own unique experiences of life.  We have our own ideas and beliefs and values and our own special unique gifts.When we communicate with animals, we think differently, we ask different questions, have different levels of fear and self confidence.  There are many things going on, and so the answers we receive can vary a lot!

Animals are also usually on the move, unless sleeping.  So we could get different information depending on when we talked to them.  They will not stand still and wait for you to find them.  I could not get my own cat or dog to stand still in my front yard communicating with them telepathically from inside the house…smile. It would take training!  They are too busy being aware of their environment and if there are any dangers.  They are searching for food and water and other animals.  They are using all their senses and if gone for a couple days, they might not even come when called.  They are resorting back to their natural nature in order to live outside.

What You Can Do

So if any or all of these things are true, then what can You do to have the best chance of helping to manifest you animal friend back into your life again? Remain OPEN energetically.  Do you know what this means? When you are happy, standing in the sun, feeling great and I offer you a present, you say “Thanks!”  When you are tired, frustrated, unhappy, angry, confused and your hands are up to your face crying, and your elbows tucked into your body, you are more “closed’ energetically.  I offer you the same gift and you say something like ..”Go away! Leave me alone! I am upset!” Why is being “open” important?  If God/Spirit, your animal friend, angels, guides …want to give you information about what to do right now to help get your animal back, you are not going to hear anything at all if you are closed. You are like a radio and I am attempting to get a radio station and all I get is static!  You simply are not open to hearing those quiet, subtle voices, or even your own inner guidance. When you can get yourself to a place of Trusting that the Highest and Best in manifesting right now in your life regarding this situation, then you relax, you open up and allow whatever you need to resolve this situation to come flowing in.

A great example of this for me is, I often find people whose animals return, AFTER they give up and stop looking, when they have calmed down and are not in a constant place of worry and doubt. Then the magic can happen if it is meant to occur. One woman lost her tiny Yorkie, who weighed less than five pounds and had a serious eye infection, out of her back yard.  All I could get was a woman, a noisy car, steps and another animal. That was all.  I had explained all the things above and instructed her to imagine a gold chord between her heart and her dog’s heart.  Be quiet and send the dog calming messages two or three times a day.  Messages like ..”Bronte, I know you are the smartest dog in the world. I  know you can find food and water and can handle anything that comes up.  I know you know I love you and I am looking for you.  I want you to see yourself home again as soon as possible and I am too!”  Things like this. Over two months later, she and her girlfriend were on a vacation about 200 miles from home. They both suddenly got thirsty at the same time and pulled off the road to get something to drink. They stopped at this no name grocery store in the middle of no where and when she got out of her car, she saw her dog in the car next to her!  She asked the lady if she could hold her little dog and the lady said OK. She looked for her birth mark and missing front teeth and told her this was her dog!  The lady took the dog back and said she got it from her Aunt.  Annette’s friend had a cell phone way back then and called the police.  It turns out this lady lived 4 blocks away from Annette and drove a noisy car, lived up on the 2nd story and had another dog!!  Annette was so happy to have her dog back, she told me perhaps the lady needed her dog for a while to heal something in her life!  She was a very loving person.  This story is Not unique!  I think Divine intervention happens all the time now!

Animals are connected to us miles away from home. There are many stories of animals traveling long distances, even all the way across the United states from the East Coast to the West Coast.  They can feel our emotions and know when we are upset.  I ask people to consider having a lost child in the forest with a cell phone.  If you could talk to the child, you would not say things like “I am so worried about you! I am worried you might be hurt or die or get really injured. I am worried no one will find you and you might starve to death!” Instead you would say things like “I know you are a smart girl. I know you will be calm and stay right where you are. People are looking for you and everything is going to work out fine. Just keep calm.”  You would want to “inspire” calmness and trust.

Typically, however, my clients are often worried, stressed out, sometimes not sleeping, frustrated and more.  Their animal friends are picking up all the stress and confusion, regardless of where they are!  If they truly are lost, then it does little to help them find their way home while worrying about you! Remaining calm and trusting also applies if your Searching for an animal friend. Imagine you are home and really stressed out and upset and in fear. Your animal friends most likely are NOT going to want to come around and cuddle with you! In fact they may stay away!  When you are out looking and in fear and stress and worry, that “energy” is radiating out of you in all directions!  An animal is not attracted to those emotions  In fact, if they are outside, it is most likely they will run in the opposite direction, especially cats and birds.  So here is another reason to attempt to Breathe and trust and look with your open heart, unattached to the outcome.

I coached a lady about this for ten minutes one day and she was totally devastated and frantically searching for days when she called.  She really “got it”.  She called two days later telling me she sat in a field where the dog has been spotted a couple days before, visualizing him at home in her lap. The second day she just sat and calmly did this, the dog came out of the forest and to her lap!! Remember to spend a few moments a day, sitting and taking a few deep breaths.  Visualize that gold chord between you and your animal friend.  Imagine talking to them. “KC, you are such an amazing cat! You are so smart. I know you can find food and water and find your way home.  I am visualizing you home here right now, in the house with me. I want you to see yourself home too! I know you know how much I love you, and I miss you. I am trusting you will be home soon.” This calms down the cat and calms you down, and then you can hear that inner guidance and know what to do next.

Releasing Worry

It has been my experience, other communicators and my teacher’s, that animals rarely die by accident.  Just like everything else, there is a reason.  It is believed by many teachers and authors today, that humans choose when they are going to die.  We don’t remember this consciously, because of course we would not get in the car that morning or fly that plane or whatever we choose.  Animals are the same way, I believe, after talking to them about it.  They might chose to be eaten, be hit by a car, or get sick and die.  Since they do not fear death, their experience of it is entirely different and that is another topic all together! I am told when a cat catches a mouse, the soul leaves and there is no pain for the mouse.  The cat plays with the expiring physical body.  The same is true of other animals.  If hit by a car, the soul leaves immediately.  Animals do not fear death and often choose to go into a new form before they are old.  In fact, I talked to a scientist once who was part of a team researching the fact that they seldom found older dead animals. Most animals were young or middle aged and  they could not figure this out!  When a mouse is ready to leave, it telepathically tells other animals it is ready to leave and then knows it will go in a while.  It lives life fully, not knowing what animal might take it or if it will get away a few times first.   They enjoy life right up to the very last moment they tell me.

I have experienced such truths in my own life and as a communicator.  I watched a little dog sitting in a row with our other dogs, intentionally leap under the back tire of a UPS truck as it slowly backed into our driveway, like it did several times each week.  It was killed instantly.  Three of us watched in dismay and confusion. Freeway (our little kids named him that because Dad rescued him on the freeway) was a small dog my partner found injured on the freeway and we brought home and helped him recover.  We never could find his family and so we kept him, along with four other dogs.  He was a lovely, friendly amazing dog.  One day he came in our shop and I petted him, my partner and a neighbor and then we walked out.  I was totally surprised!!  He hated this building with all the noisy machines and would never ever come in before!  A couple minutes later he was gone, under the tire, and we realized he had come in to say good-bye!  Years later as a communicator, I asked him why.  His family had died of old age I think, and he was going to his next life on the freeway and we interrupted that.  He stayed for a while (3 years) and it was time to move on where he was going earlier!

Once I talked with friends who had a 6 year old cat born and raised in an apartment.  She had never spent a day outside and they moved up in the wilderness with a few people in tiny cabins.  The first day the cat got out and they drove half an hour to call me, sure she was eaten.  There were fox, coyote, wolf, bear, lynx bobcats, and all sorts of creatures in this old growth forest.  I told them she had eaten a mouse.  They were sure it was not her, because she did not have a mother to teach her and something probably would eat her.  Anyway, I connected with her a few times more.  Two months later she came back to the cabins, well fed and healthy!!!  There were no other homes around for people to feed her.  What was more amazing, however, is that none of those animals, for whom she would have been easy prey, ate her!!  I knew then it was because it was not her time!
© Morgine Jurdan