On Line: Calling Neighbors, Posting Flyers, etc. unique FACIAL RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY helps find your dog. Get notified when users contact you. Neighbors notified via phone. Free download. Pet Notice is the nation’s free and low cost, volunteer operated,¬†lost and found pet service. Assisting you in finding your animal friend. Helping you find your dog.

Pet Detectives – Search & Rescue, etc.

Cathy & Curt Orde
Cold Nose Investigators
Professional K-9 Services
PO Box 118
Centennial, WY 82055
(307) 761-1799

Deborah Cooke
Missing Pets Detective, LLC
480 751-9700

Carl Washington, Pet Detective
1006 Hunters Glen, Hephzibah, GA 30815
Georgia # 706-792-1854 Office # 706-796-8126 Virginia # 703-960-9596 Cell706-339-2418; (does some charity work)

Harry Oakes Jr.
Lost Animal Search and Rescue (and people)
P.O. Box #1472
Longview, Washington 98632
(503) 705-0258
Outside Oregon  (360) 414-8093

Melodie Pugh
Pet Detective (licensed and bonded)

The Lost Cat Finder
Kim Freeman
Cat Detective
Austin, Texas 78620


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