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Have a Lost Animal or Missing Pet?  Here is Help!!

What do youDo First?  Where can I post my Lost Pet?  Can I find HELP with all of this?  Are there Animal Communicators listed here?

My name is Morgine and I have been communicating with animals for almost two decades. One of our most difficult work is dealing with Lost Animals and so I created this site for Everyone whose Animal Friends are Missing!

People who are Missing Pets often feel as if these animal friends are akin to having their children being gone or missing.  I  can empathize having experienced two beloved cat friends go missing and only one returned. Over thirty years ago, our Sheltie got loose in a new town before we had even found  a place to live! We were devastated. Later he escaped our yard until we finished installing our fence! I know how it feels!

So I am creating this site and adding ALL the Resources I can find. If you know of others, then you can email them to me on my Contact Page and I will add them. Please KNOW, I do not promote or recommend ALL that I share here. It would be impossible for me to check every one  out!!  I use my own resources and time to host this page for the benefit of those I know need help.  If you are benefited in some way and would appreciate sending a donation, please feel free to do so via  Mail or Paypal on my Contact page. I Thank You in advance!

A few years ago I wrote an article about Lost Animals with my feelings and thoughts about this issue and my own personal recommendations from my years of experience.  You can read that article here.

My wish is this site helps to create Many HAPPY ENDINGS!!

Much Love and Much Success in reuniting You with your Beloved Lost Animals and Missing Pet Friends, Morgine

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